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内容摘要:Huawei Technologies, the Chinese smartphonemaker, is closing in on Apple Inc.announcing that it shipped 100 million phonesas of Tuesday and ...

Huawei Technologies, the Chinese smartphonemaker, is closing in on Apple Inc.announcing that it shipped 100 million phonesas of Tuesday and that it is on track for total shipments of 200 million unitsthis year.


If that goal is met, it would put it withinreach of Apple, which is in second place in terms of smartphone shipmentsbehind Samsung Electronics. The South China Morning Post reported that theshipment of 100 million is the fastest pace Huawei has seen in years.


Previously Huawei reached the 100 million shipments mark on December22, 2015, October 14, 2016, and September 12, 2017. As it’s only taken justover six months to reach the target this year, we are now aiming for shipmentsof 200 million units by the end of 2018,” said Huawei Consumer Business GroupCEO Rich Yu during a product launch covered in the Post.  

此前华为在20151222日、20161014日和2017912日达到了(当年)1亿台出货。“由于今年完成这一目标仅仅只用了六个月的时间,所以我们现在的目标是在2018年年底之前发货达到2亿台,”华为消费业务部门首席执行官余承东(Rich Yu)在产品发布会上说。

Apple, Samsung Facing Smartphone SalesDeclines苹果、三星面临智能手机销量下滑

Huawei’s strong showing on the mobile phonefront comes at a time when Apple and Samsung are seeing declines in shipmentsin China. Apple is also reeling from lackluster sales of its pricey iPhone X.According to market research firm Canalys, smartphone shipments in China duringthe first quarter of 2018 came in at 91 million units, down 21% on ayear-over-year basis. Shipments of 91 million units was a quarterly figurepassed in the fourth quarter of 2013, noted the research firm.

华为在手机销量上强劲的表现正值苹果和三星在中国发货量下降之际。苹果公司因其昂贵的iPhone X的销量低迷而陷入困境。根据市场调研公司CysSs的统计,中国2018年第一季度智能手机出货量为9100万台,同比下降了21%9100万的出货量相当于2013年第四季度的数据。
Eight of the top 10 smartphone vendors inChina saw annual declines in shipments, with Samsung  declining to less than half of what itshipped in the first quarter of 2017. Huawei was one of the outliers withshipments increasing 2%. After shipping more than 21 million smartphones in thefirst three months of the year, Huawei is now in first place with a marketshare of around 24% in China. Citing data from market research firm IDC, thePost reported that Huawei shipped a total of 39.3 million phones around theglobe, which is coming closer to the 52.2 million Apple shipped in the sameperiod. If Huawei continues to execute at this level, it could become a realthreat to Apple.


Huawei Growth Comes Amid US Wrath华为成长伴随着美国的担忧

The growth at Huawei comes at the same timethat trade tensions between the U.S. and China are intensifying. Huawei hasbeen a direct target of the intensifying tensions between the two countries,with U.S. lawmakers recently warning telecom carriers to not do business withHuawei.


Rising security concerns prompted the U.S.retail chain Best Buy Co Inc.  to stopselling Huawei phones and derailed its partnership with AT&T Inc. to carryHuawei's Mate 10 Pro mobile device. The political pressure resulted in thewireless carrier backing out of the deal. It also prompted Verizon Wireless tofollow suit, killing its plans to sell Huawei phones.

日益上升的安全担忧促使美国零售连锁商百思买停止出售华为手机,结束了其与AT&T公司关于华为Mate10 Pro的合作(AT&T是全球首屈一指的通讯控股公司,为一家美国百年通讯企业),政治压力导致无线运营商放弃了这笔交易。它也促使Verizon无线公司效仿,终止了出售华为手机的计划。


No-NonsenseCheap units doesn’t equal revenue andprofits! Apple captures 86% of global smartphone profits while Huawei has lessthan 5%. You can’t fund the R&D if for the long haul if you aren’tprofitable. Ask Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola and HTC!


Andywhat's average phone cost? alsoaccessory's?

FudMore clickbait from a hack. It's likesaying Hyundai is closing in on Mercedes or BMW. Stupid comparison.

Thomas WWhat a stupid article - among the inanitythe author is still trotting out the now completely discredited claim thatApple is "reeling from lackluster ....iPhone X sales." Everyone,except this clueless writer, has since listened to Apple's quarterly earningsreport and found that Apple's had record earnings and the iPhone X has been itsbest selling phone every single week since it was released. Only now, as we'rein the quarter in which Apple announces new phones, iPhone sales in general areflagging.

真是一篇愚蠢的文章——作者还无知的急急忙忙地宣称,苹果正“从乏味的……iPhone X销售中艰难前行”。除了这个无能的作家之外,每个人都会从苹果公司的财报中发现,苹果公司又创造了新的收入纪录。iPhone X自从发布以来一直是每周销量最好的手机。即使现在正处于苹果即将发布新手机的节点,iPhone的销量一般在现在都处于低谷期。





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